Traditional Christian Songs In Original Ngoni Language

I intend to post all the songs that I have been able to collect. So this is a work in progress page that will continue to be updated. Most if not all the songs that I’ll post were composed in the late 18th century when most of Ngoni spoke Ngoni language(dialect of Zulu

Most if not all songs to be posted are from the Izingoma zobukhristu hymn of the Livingstonia Synod of the Church of Central Africa Presbyterian (CCAP). I would like to thank Dr. Lupenga Mphande for pointing out to me among other things that the song book comprises apart from Ngoni, Zulu and Xhosa hymns as well. I hope that those involved in the promotion of Ngoni culture could drink from the well of wisdom of such scholars as Dr. Lupenga Mphande.

Baba Wethu by Jonathan Chirwa

1.Lizwe Lonke vumani, nge njabulo ku Mlungu
HLabelani, ngokubonga iGama.

2.Yitshoni kuYehova, kuti uyesabeka,
Ekwenzeni, ngo buningi ba mandhla.

3.Hambanini nibone, imisebenzi yakhe,
Yesabeka, ekwenzeni ku bantu.

4.Uyabusa ngamandhla, kuze kube pakade.
Iso lakhe, liyalinda izizwe.

5.Yizani nizwe nonke, lina enimsabayo,
Hlabelani, nikotame, ngotabo.

6.Masihlokome sonke, sikotame ku Mlungu,
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