Pictures and Artist Impressions of Life among the Ngoni and other Ngunis in the early 19th Century

The following are pictures and artist impressions of life among the Ngoni and fellow Nguni (i.e. the Zulus, Swazis, Xhosa, Ndebeles and ngoni) that I have collected and continue to collect. This will help the study of the similarities and differences between us the Ngoni and our brothers and sisters down south.
Artist Impression of Head rings (isicoco) of the Nguni Family based on Keith Montague exploration in 1880s. Isicoco used to be a badge for married nguni men.
Zulu men in the 1880s mending the isicoco (head ring made with wax) of his fellow. Isicoco was a badge for a matured, married man.
The interior of a zulu hut as seen by a 19th century traveller.
An artist Impression of a meeting between Keith Montagu an Explorer and Inkosi yaMakhosi Chikuse and his Indunas seated and sorrounded by local people at Domwe in 1880s.
Zulu maidens as photographed by an early photographer.
A Nyasaland (present day Malawi)Northern Ngoniland Ngoni maiden in the 19th century.
Nyasaland Ngoni ladies mixing traditional and morden clothing in the early 19th century.The lady on the left is a chief’s wife, the one on the right is a teacher’s wife. The chief’s wife has a band of lion and leopard claws on her head and neck, for these are the property of the chief. They both wear the large ivory ear ornaments.
A Zulu madonna in the early 19th century.
Ngoni Impi in the 1890s
A group of Zulu warriors just before the Anglo-Zulu War in 1879.
Ngoni warrior
A Zulu warrior in full ceremonial regalia during the English Zulu War in 1800s
Dingane, Shaka Zulu’s half brother, assassin and successor from a drawing by the missionary Allen Gardner.
One of the Nyasaland Ngoni Inkosi and a Scottish Missionary in the early 19th century.
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